It is well recognised that through the active use of music, you can influence customers’ shopping habits, create atmosphere, increase sales and improve staff morale. It also has a distinct and measurable influence on customer turnover and orders.Traditional means of audio distribution via CDs, satellite or landline connections have many drawbacks, such as high implementation and running costs, added to that is the inherent inflexibility of these static methods of audio playback.Modern distribution methods via IP networks open up an incredible opportunity for inexpensive, lowpower devices that are scalable to the growth of your operation. Reliability is ensured through a PCFREE design with no moving parts; and serves as a flexible platform for integration into virtually any operation requiring audio transport and delivery. The Music on Tap solution includes transmitters and players to enable real-time, zoned audio streaming and playback to unlimited locations.

We integrate our Audio over IP solution to stream live voice and pre-recorded announcements to several players, each assigned to one specific zone to decode and replay audio to local loudspeakers.

The audio distribution is via existing IP/Ethernet networks or the Internet using IP standard protocols. Our system needs minimal bandwidth and requires no additional servers or PCs, allowing the existing local networks in the business to be used. That makes installation simple and cheap, plus, the value for money offered by our devices is unbeatable at about 200 Euros for the receivers.

Your business can also have a solution involving local storage and playback of messages, with the ability to record and upload messages for automatic playlist updates. The ability to stream live audio to the sites simultaneously and centrally control playlists and commercials for each zone brings everything together whilst offering ultimate flexibility.

We can also offer the ability to store a playlist selected from hundreds of pre-recorded announcements on a local memory card in each player and updated every few minutes from a central database. The database is configured via a simple web based interface to manage individual playlists for each zone.

The right background music 24 hours a day in combination with your own commercials.
Providing a choice of music that will make your international guests feel at home.
And the right music for every moment in every sport.

Restaurant / Shop Owner
“I want to listen to Internet radio stations in my shop or restaurant and do not want to switch on my PC. I just want to listen to background music, but I do not want to buy a music computer that is loaded with stuff I do not use.”

In this situation you just need one of the SIR Internet radios. is a free web based service through MusiconTap and will help you to select your favourite Internet radio stations and configure your SIR Internet radio device.You can also put some music on the SD card so that you have music guaranteed in your venue.

Retail Chain, Hotel or Shop
“I need my own complete audio distribution system in my network.”

Streamit ADP and the SIR Internet radios will do the trick. In your own data centre we will install an out-of-the-box audio distribution platform. Stremit ADP is tuned right from the start and operates as your control centre for all the SIR devices you have connected to your network in your organisation. Firmware updates, new stations or channels, grouping different SIR Internet radios, you control it via the Strreamit ADP web interface. Streamit ADP is modular and you can tie it to your exact needs. Streamit Terminal Program (STP) is required to do the initial configuration of your SIR devices before they are shipped to the play out locations.