Going to the Mosque is not always so straightforward for everybody.

For example, people are often far from their homes for either their work or study. But also illness or a duty that entails remaining at home can also be a reason for absence. Yet all these travellers, students, soldiers, the sick and their carers still wish to remain involved in their mosque.

With Prayer Online, your mosque services can be listened to live, whether it is in prayer room, at home or anywhere else in the world.

The broadcasting of mosque services via the internet is an up-to-date technology that has more than proved itself. This is a solution with a world-wide reach that undoubtedly is the future.

Broadcasting via the internet offers even more advantages. You can limit the broadcasts so that they are only received by your own mosque members. Or you can save a mosque service in a memory so that it can later be listened to at any time of the day and at any place throughout the world.

For this form of mosque radio, the mosque requires a broadband internet connection and the listener requires either a telephone connection or an internet connection via the telephone or cable. MoT supplies the necessary technology: the internet broadcaster in the mosque and the receivers for the listeners.

The broadcasting capacity in the mosque needs be geared to the number of listeners. In order to avoid this problem, MoT’s distribution platform with a large distribution capacity can be used. In this way, the technology and management are limited to an absolute minimum as the internet broadcaster in the mosque only has to send a signal to the service provider.

The internet broadcaster SAS100 converts the sound from the mosque into a MP3 signal which is then available via the internet. Listeners can log in to the broadcaster no matter where they are in the world. This can be via a standard telephone connection or a broadband internet connection via the telephone or cable. The listener also requires a PC or a plug & play MoT internet receiver. The receiver then converts the MP3 signal back to an audible analogue signal.

MOT audio platform MosqueRadio is accessible via web portal. You do not need to install any software. Its purpose is to manage and control the streaming of mosque services and attached IP players.

Through this portal the right links are being made between the players, listeners and the participating mosques. The audio channel can be encrypted or open for receipt on devices and on computers.

The IP players get updated information (settings and/or new channels) automatically.

MoT has specially developed the SIR80 internet receiver for distribution via internal networks in, for example, prayer room and institutions. This receiver is tuned to one specific broadcaster and is always on standby. As soon as the mosque service begins, the receiver switches itself on.


The player can also be used to receive, for example, programmes from local broadcasters that are available via the internet, or from predesigned channels provided by MoT.