In a perfect world no-one would put their callers on hold, but it’s a fact of life; the on hold and transfer buttons are used more than any other feature of your phone system.

We can turn dull waiting time into valuable marketing time and make it add value to your business and your brand.

We enhance your company’s marketing efforts with professionally created music and message programmes that are played to callers on-hold or in-queue.

MusicOnTap provides a full business audio service: from initial marketing and content advice to creative script writing, through to recording using a wide range of music and voiceover styles, including all UK accents, and most foreign languages too.

Are you frustrating callers or communicating with them?

Did you know?

  • 80% of business calls are placed on-hold, queued or transferred
  • 85% of callers prefer on hold messages.*
  • 60% of on hold callers hang up if they experience silence and 30% never call back.*The average business caller spends over 40 hours per year on-hold
  • Callers with Information on hold will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.*
  • Callers with only music on hold will stay on the line for up to 30 seconds longer.*
  • 94% of marketing budgets are spent generating calls, with only 6% allocated to call management
  • Our customers have reported sales enquiries increasing by 16-20%
  • 16 – 20% of callers on hold will make purchase decisions based on what they hear on hold*
  • Advertising on hold cost far less than any other advertising media and targets your market.*

What would you rather hear? Dead silence? Radio music that could very possibly be advertising your competitors products? Or music to keep your callers entertained and advertisements targeted toward them, your market.

*Statistics taken from Telemarketing Magazine, CNN Survey, Cellular Marketing Magazine and Media Rate analysis.

The MusicOnTap Service

  • Scripts are written by our in-house creative team. All we need from you is the original information to work from
  • We record your script using professional voice artists; many of whom you will have heard on Radio and TV
  • Your choice from our extensive music library is mixed with your messages to create a marketing programme that is a reflection of your business
  • Our digital on-hold announcers can be updated remotely to ensure that your message is always in tune with your business.
  • Our managed service ensures that your on-hold production is always in-tune with your other marketing initiatives

Increase sales with on-hold marketing

The Benefits

Increase Profits

  • Improve brand and product awareness
  • Cross-sell new products and services
  • Increase sales enquiries
  • Drive-up showroom footfall
  • Announce promotions and offers

Increase customer retention and loyalty

  • Thank callers for holding
  • Sound more professional and caring
  • Provide an innovative and cutting-edge service
  • Exceed callers’ expectations
  • Announce your website address and drive up web hits

Be more competitive

  • Gain an edge over your competitors
  • Deliver valuable messages to your callers at low cost – in real time
  • Sound more technically advanced than your competitors
  • Be more caring than your competitors – tell your callers that you value them